Our company was founded in December 1991 and we have rich experience in supplying tag and label application systems. At the beginning we were selling particularly low priced no-name products to textile manufacturers, wholesalers and retail shops. After some time we realisedt that these products are not suitable for big volume tagging and that it is necessary to deliver first class products of the highest quality for these purposes.

For this reason we have been cooperating with Avery Dennison USA as their authorized and principal distributor on the Czech market. We have also been dealing as importers and distributors of hand label applicators made by TOWA Co. Tokyo. In regards to price marking of goods we have got in our portfolio whole assortment of price labellers (brand BLITZ) made by OPEN DATA, Italy.

Avery Dennison, USA invented tag application system about 40 years ago.

Since that time their specialists have been working to improve it and to find new purposes of its use in packaging and manufacturing technologies in contradistinction to most of other manufacturers who are just copying them. The business philosofy of Avery Dennison and their distributors is to sell solution of problems not just products.

The main target of our commercial policy is to enter into long time business relation with our customers and to be of assistance in solving their problems regarding marking and packaging of products.