EHD System (mattress fastening)

Faster and holds better than glues and adhesives.

Start saving time and money every day with a new method of solutions securing foam layers by Avery Dennison. The new Mattress Fastening System is designed to replace messy sprays, hot melt glues and water based adhesives. In one quick click, EHD T-End Fasteners can join multiple layers of foam faster than glues and adhesives. Unlike glue, EHD T-End Fasteners secure layers simultaneously , yet allow easy repositioning to improve quality and reduce waste. With EHD T-End Fasteners there are no shifting or „crackling“ problems. Eliminate manufacturing bottlenecks with this new securing system that streamlines material handling. Fastening pocket springs to foam encasements and securing flanges is a snap, too.


joining of foam layers fastening pocket springs to foam




Material Colour Length Min. strength pcs/reel
nylon natural 39-78 mm 6,6 kg 50