The newest, smallest fastening system developed for packaging and work-in-progress applications. Perfect for attaching soft goods to card, such as doll accessories or basting fabric materials during in-process manufacturing.


Say goodbye to pins, glue and large tacks. Consumers can now use MicroStitch for quick hems and clothing repairs, home decorating and craft projects. For quilters, MicroStitch makes the basting process much faster and easier than traditional techniques. The patented MicroStitch system was designed to be durable, reliable and easy to use. The MicroStitch tool features the smallest needle and smallest tacks available on the market. Better than thread, metal staples or pins, micro fasteners hold fast, hold tight and apply with a lightweight, hand-held tool. These tiny, versatile fasteners are easy to apply and can just as easily removed with a quick pull or snip. The starter kit includes the MicroStitch tool with needle, 1080 black and white micro fasteners and easy to follow instructions.


Application tools

  • Tagging gun Microstitch


Microstitch application